New World Dance studio has been located in the heart of Canyon Country in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 18 years, established by Terry Bixler, former choreographer to Janet Jackson.  With an extraordinary, hand-picked team of instructors, we provide dance classes and training for a huge variety of dance styles. We are dedicated to providing a fun, creative, and positive environment in a family-like atmosphere by ensuring that we have proper communication, personalized service, and a staff that works together as a team. New World Dance is known to be one of the most innovative and cutting edge dance studios in the area, fusing timeless techniques with new and exciting trends.  There is no place like New World Dance.  
~Las Vegas National Champions Nine Years in a Row!~

Our MISSION is to create a space that gives your child the opportunity to receive quality dance education, develop confidence & self-discipline, build leadership skills, learn the importance of teamwork, boost creativity, and create life-long friendships with other goal-oriented peers.  Each class is smaller-sized and structured in a way that ensures your child will get the individualized attention needed to excel in dance.  We facilitate positive attitudes and forward-moving thinking with: Weekly Goal Binders, Teacher-Assistant Programs, Student Choreography Opportunities, ALWAYS AGE-APPROPRIATE Costumes, Studio Bonding Activities, Leadership Opportunities, and a "SCHOOL COMES FIRST" Mentality.  Your child should not have to choose between dance and school/sports.  At New World Dance, your child can choose from intensive dance programs to less-intensive dance programs with special options that allow students to be able to participate in multiple extracurricular activities and still be able to dance.  It's your choice. 

New World Dance has its own in-house professional media production team, specializing in dance cinematography, video editing, and music editing, which allows us to be able to professionally film our classes/choreography and edit our own music. This means that our dancers have access to professional videos to add to their Dance Reels!  (Check out our Watch Video Page)


In order to be able to teach children, instructors need more than just a dance curriculum.  Instructors need to also understand the fundamentals of overall child development (i.e., motor, behavioral, speech, social, and emotional development).  Our NWD instructors are consistently trained and guided every week by a credentialed and licensed specialist to ensure that they are utilizing developmentally-appropriate strategies, facilitative techniques, and best practices for working with children of all ages and backgrounds.  


New World Dance is an approved School Vendor with livescanned & background-checked instructors.  If your child is homeschooled, contact us for our vendor info.


We have professionally-installed sprung hardwood dance floors, which is very important for preventing dancer injury. 


We offer private choreography services for weddings, corporate, and private events (for all skills levels from beginner to professional).



~New World Dance is now under new ownership as of 2016: same talented teachers, new leadership~ 

~New World Dance is a proud member of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce~

~Las Vegas National Finals Champions nine years in a row~

Look through our website and read through our testimonials to see how much fun it is to be a part of the New World Family and give your child the chance to dance.

Why Dance?

Since the beginning of time, song and movement have brought people together. Dance is a creative outlet that allows us to express ourselves in a way no other outlet can, bringing people together no matter where they are from, what they look like, or what they believe in.  It's also a method of relaxation, healing, self-expression and so much more.  

Giving your child a chance to dance helps to improve:

  • Motor Development: balance, coordination, fine motor skills, flexibility, core strength, muscle memory, posture.

  • Social/Pragmatic Development: social skills, teamwork, self-confidence, healthy relationships with other goal-oriented kids.  

  • Cognitive development: problem-solving skills, memory, attention/focus.

  • Essential Life Skills: perseverance, self-discipline, work ethic, goal development, creativity.

  • Emotional Health:  increases serotonin levels, improves mood, reduces stress levels.

  • Physical Fitness: exercise, heart-healthy activity, proper nutrition.

All in all, it's is an effective and beneficial platform for self-expression and overall emotional and physical well-being, providing us with a body-based connection to our surroundings. Giving your children a chance to dance is an amazing gift that grants them the opportunity to achieve goals and develop skills they can be proud of.  

"There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." ~ Vicki Baum